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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Power of Busyness

Stay busy to avoid sadness.
"Active natures are rarely melancholy.Activity and sadness are incompatible"_christian bovee
Sometimes you are just sad.Whether it's the holiday season,your birthday,anniversary or other special occasion,you can inexplicably feel sadness.It may be that the occasion itself reminds you of a loss,especially if the loss was recent,painful.You might be sad because you know you didn't behave with the best of intentions.You could also be sad because you did nothing  when you know you should have done something.
Perhaps you are sad because you tend to sit at home and mope about what's wrong in your life.It could also be that you have a physical condition that needs attention or diagnosis by a medical professional and you have been putting off getting a check up,worried that there might be something seriously wrong.These can result in sadness.They also have one thing also in common: Inactivity.
The best prescription to get over sadness -not clinical depression, mind you which requires professional help,but general sadness of a temporary nature -is to get busy.That's right.
"You can really only enjoy life when you're extremely busy"_
                Josephine de La Baume
No ones life is perfect.Every person you meet in your life have their own sorrows.But there are always something to be happy with in your life.So why?? Why you are sitting & thinking about those sad memories?Why you are losing your valuable times.Just forget those sadness & make your life beautiful.I know it's not easy but if you try properly it's possible.
Mind it- sitting at home will do nothing to help erase sadness.While going out to be with others may be help you to avoid sadness.To be busy is the best cure to erase your sadness/bad memories.If you really want to forget something or make yourself cheerful you have make yourself busy with something/social work/some creative works(that kind of works which make your body & mind both engaged).If you continuously remain yourself busy with some productive works or whatever else at some point you will find yourself that you have no time to be sad & when it's became your habit you will be the happiest person because those who have no time to think they have no time to be sad.
Use the power of being Busy.

Written by : Sinthia Anis

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