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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Language of soul

Silence has it's own meaning. Silence portray people in different ways. If a very talkative person is silent, it could mean that he's not well. Something is disturbing him or something is not well with him. But some people always remain silent. While sitting in a group where people are busy in their conversation, they observe others, listen to them, notice each and every point and say nothing. But they are full of nature. They observe the world like no one has done before. Every little deed of love creates a wonderful feeling in them or we can say it becomes special for them. Being soft and kind hearted they find beauty in each and everything. They enjoy the lively moments which usually other people ignore or are not able to see. They are full of life. 
Silence is the loudest of all noise. Silence is what makes the close heart speak.
Such people are in search of someone who would accept their nature, understand them and let them fly in their own thoughts without taking away their silent nature. Silent people have their own abilities like expressing reality through words, understanding their loved ones, making others happy, trying to fulfill dreams of other people, getting happy in other's happiness .
Silence enables one to successfully concentrate, mediate, understand and connect with the universe. 
Not everyone is capable of understanding such people. As a part of the world, we just criticize, blame and create a worse effect on such people by degrading them and commenting on their nature. Such people are really disgraced at such a level that it becomes difficult for them to get up and move on. They are being humiliated by our behavior. Being silent a person is usually emotional and sympathetic. They need to be understand and their silent nature must be accepted and respected.
Silence is talking to inner human.
Written by : Atrooba Raza

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