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Sunday, December 9, 2018


There is a race between students of every age of securing first position in every sort of examination rather it is a pre learner or a matric student. It's valid to secure good marks but it is not good to judge a child on the basis of his result. We ruin our child's own identity and personality by scolding them, taunting them and make them feel embarrassed because of taking less marks. We compare them with the other kids of relatives and neighborhood and make them think that they are nothing on their own and their own abilities means nothing. They are useless. They are dull. Every human has his own capabilities and are different from one another. These tests and exams doesn't define how much a child is intelligent. His own competencies, abilities, thinking and interests defines his inner beauty and intelligence level in him and differentiates him with the others. Kids have to go through variety of subjects so the level of their interest is different for each subject. Some subjects appear to be easy for some students but at the same time some students feel difficulty understanding those subjects not because they are dull or they don't pay attention ( in most cases ). They may have problem in understanding the new concepts in the first attempt or they may have problem with the teachers explaining method or they are afraid to ask the teacher for again explaining the same thing. Similarly when we forcefully make a child to study the particular subject of our choice, it would become a burden on him. It would be inconvenient for him to carry out result if he is not interested in that subject or he doesn't get it. The selection of the field/ subject must be left on child after his proper career counselling. He must be given advices for right choice but shouldn't be forced to study a subject on behalf of parents or teachers. How is the child going to bear the burden or stress which would let him drowned in the flood of pressurized study. Here I would like to quote the words of a great motivational speaker "Qasim Ali Shah" ... "You are born for the work which takes you out of time and space." And what do we do? We force our children to study the field of our choice or the one which ensures money in the practical work. As a result, having no interest and aptitude for the particular field, they get fail or attempt suicide in case of extreme depression because of their family. And if they let themselves live and bear the brutal treatment, they become psychopaths or let themselves on the wrong path destroying their future with their own hands. I just don't get it how a person's own family members and parents become his/ her enemy. Such a person who could achieve greater heights is being buried down by own family members and their choices. What is the outcome of such behavior? Such treatment? We just get nothing and ruin our own children with our own hands, destroy their dreams, snatch the right of life and happiness from them and put a tag/label on them of "the most dull or blunt person in the family" and we don't make them forget this ... We just continue in the form of taunts, changing behavior and much more...... 

Written by : Atrooba Raza

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