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Sunday, December 2, 2018

East Women

I had seen a news yesterday where a west (Pakistani) girl take a chart where she wrote “My body my choice” actually she indirectly want from people to leave him like the west women’s do. But on that time my mind  remember the interview of Hillary Rodham Clinton (American Politician) she said The women’s of east are very lucky because they have mans to save them, those mans are in the form of father, a brother, a son and even her neighbor, who fight for them whenever they watch her in trouble. Moreover she says and in west we are very unlucky because here no one is honest and loyal as a true partner everyone love women for satisfying their sexual needs.

But our east women’s only see that side of west girl where they are safe and ignore the other side. And as a result in east many girls are run away from their houses for live an independent life but after only some days they realize the truth of world.

I don’t want to criticize the western women’s and their culture but we don’t change the truth in actual they also want a purify culture in the form of family a real family, in the form of good partner, in the form of true neighbors but unfortunately instead of going to the good way we choose bad once day by day.
east women
east women

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