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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Be satisfied Be Happy

Sometimes when we walk out of the home we noticed some people sleeping by the side of the road. In Bangladesh, India and so many other poorer countries peoples are well known of this views. There are so many people in this world those who haven't their own house, they sleeps wherever the got place. They do not have money. Sometimes they beg and feed themselves or sometimes they are starved for several days. Winter is a comfortable season for us but a harrowing season for them. They haven't any warm cloth. At the night of winter they wear a simple thin sheets and sleeps under the open sky.
Just think...they are also human beings, take a second and just imagine their conditions. Suppose you were one of them, Then??  What happened?
We think our lives are full of sorrows,sadness,imperfections. Every person in this world are just busy of themselves. They are sinking themselves in their own thoughts.Who cares what's happening in others lives.Who cares of those road sides homeless people and that's the cause we became depressed at some point of life.
There are always something to be happy, to smile about in our life while there are millions who cannot fulfill the basic needs of life.On the other hand,we don't even think about these ever in our life.
I don't want to say you shouldn't have a dream or some desires to want more in your life.Yes,obviously you should have a big dream or an aim to achieve. And you have to make a plan and work hard for it.In that case, you have to face a lot of difficulties and obstacles, You must because you know that their is "No pains, No gains”. Yet u feel down, when you fail to achieve something you want, why you are fallen down? Why you think yourself a loser? At some point many of them thoughts there is no point to live. They lost their self-confidence too.
So when you feel sad about life just remember those who have nothing in their life to survive,actually.To become something in life or to achieve something you have to focus in your dreams,work hard & have patience but if you remain sad or down or depressed, you can't plan anything or create a great idea to work on and to be happy in your current situation you must be satisfied what you have because _
"the life that you are living now,is also a dream of millions. So always be satisfied with your life.Be happy in every moment of life"


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