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Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Everyone has talent what's rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places it leads.
But the problem is no one help others to cognized talent and that’s why mostly talent had been wasted.
As we see there are trillions of people live in this whole world but only few talents came to the front it's all about the lake interest of our elders, when i was in 3rd year i had seen many seniors who guide us on that platforms where they exist, they don't care about our hidden talent they only help us by lead us to that way where they thought light is always brighten for everyone, those people would be right at least they help others by their experience but they don't have the ability to understand the future of new generation.
Mostly people thought have a good job is the main purpose of life and they guide others according to that. But in reality we want observers who observe their juniors hidden talent.
As i have written in my previous blog about trend where I wrote people of this universe focus on the latest trends, if that trend has popularity on that time then parents send their parents to that professions without examine their original talent. 
Nowadays the focus of many motivational speakers is to guide parents about this flaws.
When we choose the right talent then we forget over flaws because once we accepted our flaws, no one can use it against us. But our focus is to become a flawless person and that’s why we forget our real talent.
Even Mostly people forget their hidden talent only because of their customs, many people who have excellent voice doesn't sing because of their customs and religious issues.
Couple of months before Amir Khan (Bollywood hero) make a movie name secret superstar where he show the reality of a girl who have very beautiful voice but due to her father and religion issue she have no authority to sing in front of people but when she start singing, she became a super star from that movie  i have learn if we focus on our hidden-talent then no one stop us to become the best one in this whole world.

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