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Monday, November 5, 2018

Real love

"love" we connect the thousands of people in daily life suddenly we meet a person with whom we fall in "love" our feelings go deep towards him it might be possible that same condition is happening at the second hand life becomes colorful and things gonna exciting and it at very low average the biggest fact of this world is that peoples make relationships only for their means when their means are fulfilled they becomes strangers sometimes it gonna usual but sometimes it become the reason of someone's death The person who is effected by this He considered you to be his everything his reason of breath or his reason of alive but in revenge he gets nothing he gets ignorance. He get hurts but if he will truly love you he will never hurt you back he will try his level best to make you happy to keep you happy but when he fill get only disappointment he will be tired he will quit He will stop laughing stop enjoying stop living happily but it doesn't means that he will stop love you he will love you till last breath he will love you silently he will pray for you to "Allah Almighty" pray for your success  pray for your safety this will make him peaceful and different from others you will be never get back hurted by your true lover....

real love
Real love

Written by “Muniba Zaman


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