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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Power of positivity

Peace love and positivity can change everything. The world is compromised of two powers. One is positive and the second one is negative. Everyone is possessing one of this power. This is based on us which power we acquire. Negativity has its own charm. Rather it's a destructive phenomenon but it attracts humans towards itself. I have observed that human nature is full of negativity. Whenever a situation comes in front of us, our mind becomes full of negative thoughts and perceptions. For example, if we see a boy and a girl travelling somewhere on a motorcycle, the first thing that comes in our mind is that whether they are in a relationship or they are going on a date. If we find something wrong in the house, we blame it upon the person who was alone for 3 to 4 hours in the house without finding out the real cause. In a dispute, we blame the person who is rather of a bad character or we have misconceptions about him. Negativity destroys relationships and families. It hurts feelings. It breaks trust. Talking about some physical disadvantages of negativity , it has also major part in causing diseases like hypertension, diabetes, liver problems or acidity. Negativity spreads itself in no measurable time and destroys everything that comes in it's way. Good happenings occurs after acquiring a lot of patience, hard work ,efforts and positive thinking. Positivity enhances better understanding in relationships. Positivity can make us feel about others. Positivity can lead us to road of success changing impossible to possible. Positivity is like the bright rays of sun enlightening every dark corner and removing all bad aspects. Positivity leads one close to nature. Positivity can open the way to success when all other doors seem to close. Along with positive thinking, one must work hard to achieve his goal just like the piece of bread can't reach our mouth if we don't use our hands to break it or pick it up from the plate to our mouth. Positivity can lead us to win people's heart and conquer the world. The world would be out of all disputes if everyone of us start to think positive. It can lead us to God's will. After that who would not be able to become successful ? In my opinion, by just developing the habit of positive thinking and working hard, we can cut out all the problems, disputes and hatred in society. 
power of positivity
power of positivity

Written by : Atrooba Raza

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