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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Pitiful creatures

Women... Pitiful creatures of our society.. Born to follow order, to compromise, to become obedient, to bear, to stay quiet... Who is a perfect woman actually? The one who performs the household chores, who wakes up early in the morning, who earns but let you have her all pay to spend, who never buy anything for her without your permission, who performs all religious duties along with worldly affairs, the one who dress up according to your choice, simply the one who becomes a puppet and let you have control of herself, who never utter a single word for her betterment.. These are all facts, trends and rules set by our society for a woman to be perfect. The sad part of the story is we are following these facts from a vast period of time and the saddest part is that girls/women are bearing, keeping their mouth shut, considering it a reality, following all rules and leaving their identity somewhere behind... Talking about some examples.. While accepting a marriage proposal, the girl is expected to be perfect in all household chores, to be a perfect caretaker of house, to be the most beautiful girl as well as a literate person... Another example is of a daughter who has been up for several nights preparing for exams.. If she sleeps for a little bit late in morning and doesn't get up to do wash dishes or to clean the house she is brutally criticized... My question here is why didn't the criticizer think about her restlessness for back few nights? Why didn't he/she think that she might be not well or not have eaten anything in dinner or if she is suffering from something? Why don't the attention is being paid on such facts rather than she didn't get up to do some cleaning and is still sleeping? Why the own family members become selfish thinking only about their work or help and not considering the other person a human being like them? We just don't bother to look our daughters, sisters, wives and mothers as a human being we just want them to become a robot who is supposed to wake up early in the morning and perform all household chores not uttering a single word. They are also human beings having thirst of love, care, affection and attention.. We just don't bother to ask them if they are well or not.. If they had taken meal on time.. If they have any need ... If they don't feel good.. We just criticize for not performing a task on time.. For resting while the dishes are there to be washed... For studying for exams while the house is not cleaned.. Why we just don't ask them for what to be asked rather than blaming them for which they are not responsible.. Those facts are set by us. They are not compulsory for a female member to perform.

Written by : Atrooba Raza

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