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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Life is a journey not a destination

Life can't be described by only one or two words. According to me it is a mixture of everything. It is the mixture of happiness and sadness, success and frustrations, reality and expectations, love and hatred, friends and enemies, and struggle and giving up.
I think life is not perfect but still it is beautiful. Life is a journey not a destination. Life goes on, it doesn't matters it is beautiful or ugly. Each moment on journey of life we are presented with an opportunity to react differently. Sometimes it becomes mixture of happiness and sadness. Nobody can grew up with a constant emotion. Many situations will test my emotions. It may makes me happy, sad or angry but one thing I felt, it is just a test given to me to make me stronger. I think life is lifetime challenge. It doesn't matters if I win or lose
Sometimes I feel the pain of lose, loneliness, failure and rejection but I felt life goes on....
It offers many opportunities. Sometimes most of opportunities are not really really meant for me.
Life is all about LOVE. Sometimes there is no love in heart so there is a space for hatred. I just remember most important thing about love is sometimes there is too much love even it created hatred. Insecurities and selfishness takes place when there is too much means extraordinary love. One thing that must remember in such moments is how to balance everything in life.
OPs come to the point, life is a journey with so many options. It going on because it is just a journey not destination. Life is a WORLD to discover, dreams to chase, goals to reach and people to meet.
There will be time I may not know what I want, why I want, where I want to go. In the journey of life, one thing I always remember, the Choice is still standing.

Written by "Alia Rehman".


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