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Friday, November 16, 2018

Journey of Love to hate (with peoples)

“Journey of Love to hate (with peoples)”
“The same people who are candy (full of love) to our eyes can be poison (full of hate) to our hearts, Study their ingredients before feeding to your soul”

Whenever every one of us read the above lines he/she must remember some people in their hearts and I am sure they must lost themselves for some second on a special feeling and remember those disloyal persons who were once our love they were in the form of parents, brother, sister, friend or girlfriend/boyfriend.
But unhappily nothing remains same. Eye birth have a death every feelings have an end every love have hate (In the form of jealously).
When a baby born everyone love him/her when he/she grow up and start naughty things that everyone did change views of people about them, some love them and some hate. It’s like hate is the propped of love without both one look like an imaginary thing it is same as if we slosh rose then we must accept its thorn.
 With the passage of time people maybe fill with latest technology but one factor on them is mitigated and that is their relationships, and true relationship make with trust and loyalty but in this fastest era everything’s changes very fast even we have not a free time for proper hate, many of us hate someone when we see him/her in front of our eyes otherwise we have not enough time to do this hate factor correctly. Here I don’t appreciate you to hate someone with loyalty actually I want you to observe where we are going.
 Is this a real technology where no one is available to love us by heart?

Here I remember about the most beautiful country Switzerland a country with most beautiful mountains, home numerous lakes, beautiful villages and the high peaks of Alps. But in Switzerland Government allow people to suicide anytime anywhere, and mostly people in Switzerland diet through suicide the question arise in our minds why they suicide?
And the answer us:
People of Switzerland are so busy and don’t give time to everyone properly and lost ability to make true relationships and when we have no relationship. That make depression and that depression creates anxiety, and this is the main factor of mostly suicides.
Journey of Love to hate (with peoples)

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