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Friday, November 16, 2018

Its okay

Its okay.. Its okay to work. Its okay to remain busy. Its okay to give time to family. Its okay to feel happy. But remember the ones waiting for you for couple of days..  Just to see whether you are fine or not.. Just to know about your well being.. Just to get a smile on face because of your text message.. It kills when you make someone your first priority and they just don't bother ...because of any reason rather than working or job.. It hurts when you put out all strength but get nothing.. Empty hands letting all soil go away .. Couldn't have hold on .. On anything... But its okay .. I know I have to compromise .. Maybe I am not equally important to you as you are to me but its okay.. I know its life .. No one is perfect.. Its okay for every wish to not get fulfill... Its okay. Its all about Waiting..keeping patience..thanking God for what we have.. Considering best what we got..letting go all dreams that broke or not accomplished.. Sacrificing our happiness over life like others want us to live.. Its okay.. Or necessary .. In order to justify yourself in front of others... To be called "loyal".. but its not okay to be seek attention forcefully for a moment.. To comprise every single second.. To show yourself happy but you are not..Its not okay at any cost.. Its a burden.. Over life.. Its burden over one person.. A person who gives 100% should also get 100% back.. No one is really busy.. Its a game of priority.. Its all about giving importance.. Its all about listing things according to their level of importance in that list.. So, its not okay to understand everytime.. Its not necessary to comprise every time.. Its not good to let go every negative thing happening with you.. We should have believe on ourselves.. We should have faith in ourselves.. We should know that we are perfect.. We are good.. We are the right ones.. The " loyal " ones.. We shouldn't change ourselves for others.. There must be left some responsibility over others claiming to be ours.. They must be burdened.. They must comprise too.. They must understand.. They must consider us like we consider them and give them the first place in our list.
its ok
its ok?

Written by : Atrooba Raza

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