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Friday, November 9, 2018

Who is real God?

The most curious question in all our mind is who is God? Is God exists? Who is a real God? What is the best way to describe God?
The above question is always runs in our mind. I have listen from many people about the definition of God.
Some give us answer by reciting their Holly books and some says the the imagination of God does not exist as we have the example of Mr Hawking “He said God does not exist”.
Here I don’t want to point the every religion. I just want to share the definition of God my Ishfaq Ahmad (A Pakistani scholar and writer). Once in Zavia( His Short movie) he said I believe everyone who helps other is a type of God then a man said what you mean?
He elaborate this by his nice Example He said once in a very sunny day a courier man came in our house with parcel, courier man was lave with full of sweat, when he gave me parcel and moving back to his bike then my nice said Uncle please wait and she brings a glass of cold water and give that person by saying very sunny day On that time Ishfaq Sahib feels in actual this 09 year old girl is a type of God.
The aim of my blog is not to harm the feelings of anyone but really this example gave me a good lesson about God.


I know our actions must be matter somewhere in this universe because a person does not make anything who is wasteful for us then how someone make is wasteful, there  is always always always something to be thankful for the shipshapes.


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