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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Forbade being judgemental

Being judgmental leads one person to the phase where he judges the people with his own perception and mentality. When people saw others they judge them according to the way they have dressed up or perform any activity. For example, if a girl is dressed up in western clothes that doesn’t mean that she possesses any bad character or just want the appreciation of the people. The real fact can be totally opposite to their cast of mind, she might be wanted to remain updated and follows the new fashion trends but by living and following all that in some parameters. A person can be judgmental apart from this. The second away of judgmental is when a student gains less marks in his examination. Marks doesn’t describe the intelligence of a person. May be the toppers have gain such good results by the concept of wrote writing in the examinations, so one should not judge others on the way they are appearing in front of the society. We should eliminate such criticisms and should not practice that. Once habit of being judgmental can stagnate the other’s confidence and credence. We can stop this habit by accepting the others the way they present themselves in the society. We should not pass comments on the people about their dressing and should not talk about their character according to our frame of mind. Love and accept the people the way they are.
forbade  being judgemental

Written by Summan Saleem

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