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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Asia Bibi Case

Now a days in Pakistan the issue about the women Asia trending in top list, here I want to tell you some detail about her and the exact situation that why people protest.
Who is Asia bibi?

who is asia bibi

Asia bibi is a Pakistani (Christian) women, Pakistani court (High-Court) sentence her death by hanging in 2010 but her case was pending due to busy schedule of courts in Pakistan
Who start this case?
This case belongs to a women name Noreen she was involved in an argument with some other Muslim women’s with whom she had been harvesting the berries after the other women objected to a non-Muslim touching their bowl in which she fetched the water.
When she released?
In October 31, 2018 high court release her due to the misunderstanding between witnesses.
After her release everything which was expected would be changed, The radical Islamists, to whom religious pluralism is an look like anathema, are hell-bent on ensuring that this change did not good and this release is wrong.

In actual who involve this?
Tarik-e-Labbaik Pakistan a political party who losses in previous elections, I don’t know their behavior about this is good or bad but I don’t think harm our self by own hand is good.

here I want to introduce you about those supporter who support this by killing people by smash buses shops and protest in every that area from where a poor person get money for food. Maybe their point is valid but is this a good technique? If its good then why people go to the court for their own justice, why their last appeal they believe is court?

I wrap up this article by saying if this decision is wrong then every decision by every court is wrong actually all system is wrong for people who claim this is a right way to protest. 


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