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Friday, November 30, 2018

Age Show Maturity

Once when I open my Facebook, actually our daily routine book which we want every time even when we are waiting in the traffic signal, ops I distract my point anyhow come to the point I had seen two people are fighting on a post( in comments), so I read both people comment and it was hilarious for me on that time but when they left after a long talk I had seen one on them is 60 year old person and other one is a teen ager of 17 years, so when I dig down on that comments I observe young child says many things which are right but old man rejected his talk by saying I am older than you so I know more so shut up, it was very surprising movement for me and this conversation forced me to think about some questions and they are: is really age matter, is all young generation is wrong, is development doesn’t change the viewpoints of our ancestors.

No no no I don’t believe it, because I have seen many people who have th ability to overlap there previous generation, I have seen a driver who learn drive from that driver who driver car from many decades but the younger one drive good as compare to his/her teacher and it is overlapping, yes it is. 

Here I rap up my point of view by saying one of famous quote “Age does not define your maturity level remember it ”.
Age Show Maturity
Age Show Maturity

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