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Friday, November 30, 2018

Age Show Maturity

Once when I open my Facebook, actually our daily routine book which we want every time even when we are waiting in the traffic signal, ops I distract my point anyhow come to the point I had seen two people are fighting on a post( in comments), so I read both people comment and it was hilarious for me on that time but when they left after a long talk I had seen one on them is 60 year old person and other one is a teen ager of 17 years, so when I dig down on that comments I observe young child says many things which are right but old man rejected his talk by saying I am older than you so I know more so shut up, it was very surprising movement for me and this conversation forced me to think about some questions and they are: is really age matter, is all young generation is wrong, is development doesn’t change the viewpoints of our ancestors.

No no no I don’t believe it, because I have seen many people who have th ability to overlap there previous generation, I have seen a driver who learn drive from that driver who driver car from many decades but the younger one drive good as compare to his/her teacher and it is overlapping, yes it is. 

Here I rap up my point of view by saying one of famous quote “Age does not define your maturity level remember it ”.
Age Show Maturity
Age Show Maturity

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Pitiful creatures

Women... Pitiful creatures of our society.. Born to follow order, to compromise, to become obedient, to bear, to stay quiet... Who is a perfect woman actually? The one who performs the household chores, who wakes up early in the morning, who earns but let you have her all pay to spend, who never buy anything for her without your permission, who performs all religious duties along with worldly affairs, the one who dress up according to your choice, simply the one who becomes a puppet and let you have control of herself, who never utter a single word for her betterment.. These are all facts, trends and rules set by our society for a woman to be perfect. The sad part of the story is we are following these facts from a vast period of time and the saddest part is that girls/women are bearing, keeping their mouth shut, considering it a reality, following all rules and leaving their identity somewhere behind... Talking about some examples.. While accepting a marriage proposal, the girl is expected to be perfect in all household chores, to be a perfect caretaker of house, to be the most beautiful girl as well as a literate person... Another example is of a daughter who has been up for several nights preparing for exams.. If she sleeps for a little bit late in morning and doesn't get up to do wash dishes or to clean the house she is brutally criticized... My question here is why didn't the criticizer think about her restlessness for back few nights? Why didn't he/she think that she might be not well or not have eaten anything in dinner or if she is suffering from something? Why don't the attention is being paid on such facts rather than she didn't get up to do some cleaning and is still sleeping? Why the own family members become selfish thinking only about their work or help and not considering the other person a human being like them? We just don't bother to look our daughters, sisters, wives and mothers as a human being we just want them to become a robot who is supposed to wake up early in the morning and perform all household chores not uttering a single word. They are also human beings having thirst of love, care, affection and attention.. We just don't bother to ask them if they are well or not.. If they had taken meal on time.. If they have any need ... If they don't feel good.. We just criticize for not performing a task on time.. For resting while the dishes are there to be washed... For studying for exams while the house is not cleaned.. Why we just don't ask them for what to be asked rather than blaming them for which they are not responsible.. Those facts are set by us. They are not compulsory for a female member to perform.

Written by : Atrooba Raza

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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Forbade being judgemental

Being judgmental leads one person to the phase where he judges the people with his own perception and mentality. When people saw others they judge them according to the way they have dressed up or perform any activity. For example, if a girl is dressed up in western clothes that doesn’t mean that she possesses any bad character or just want the appreciation of the people. The real fact can be totally opposite to their cast of mind, she might be wanted to remain updated and follows the new fashion trends but by living and following all that in some parameters. A person can be judgmental apart from this. The second away of judgmental is when a student gains less marks in his examination. Marks doesn’t describe the intelligence of a person. May be the toppers have gain such good results by the concept of wrote writing in the examinations, so one should not judge others on the way they are appearing in front of the society. We should eliminate such criticisms and should not practice that. Once habit of being judgmental can stagnate the other’s confidence and credence. We can stop this habit by accepting the others the way they present themselves in the society. We should not pass comments on the people about their dressing and should not talk about their character according to our frame of mind. Love and accept the people the way they are.
forbade  being judgemental

Written by Summan Saleem

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Everyone has talent what's rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places it leads.
But the problem is no one help others to cognized talent and that’s why mostly talent had been wasted.
As we see there are trillions of people live in this whole world but only few talents came to the front it's all about the lake interest of our elders, when i was in 3rd year i had seen many seniors who guide us on that platforms where they exist, they don't care about our hidden talent they only help us by lead us to that way where they thought light is always brighten for everyone, those people would be right at least they help others by their experience but they don't have the ability to understand the future of new generation.
Mostly people thought have a good job is the main purpose of life and they guide others according to that. But in reality we want observers who observe their juniors hidden talent.
As i have written in my previous blog about trend where I wrote people of this universe focus on the latest trends, if that trend has popularity on that time then parents send their parents to that professions without examine their original talent. 
Nowadays the focus of many motivational speakers is to guide parents about this flaws.
When we choose the right talent then we forget over flaws because once we accepted our flaws, no one can use it against us. But our focus is to become a flawless person and that’s why we forget our real talent.
Even Mostly people forget their hidden talent only because of their customs, many people who have excellent voice doesn't sing because of their customs and religious issues.
Couple of months before Amir Khan (Bollywood hero) make a movie name secret superstar where he show the reality of a girl who have very beautiful voice but due to her father and religion issue she have no authority to sing in front of people but when she start singing, she became a super star from that movie  i have learn if we focus on our hidden-talent then no one stop us to become the best one in this whole world.

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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Power of positivity

Peace love and positivity can change everything. The world is compromised of two powers. One is positive and the second one is negative. Everyone is possessing one of this power. This is based on us which power we acquire. Negativity has its own charm. Rather it's a destructive phenomenon but it attracts humans towards itself. I have observed that human nature is full of negativity. Whenever a situation comes in front of us, our mind becomes full of negative thoughts and perceptions. For example, if we see a boy and a girl travelling somewhere on a motorcycle, the first thing that comes in our mind is that whether they are in a relationship or they are going on a date. If we find something wrong in the house, we blame it upon the person who was alone for 3 to 4 hours in the house without finding out the real cause. In a dispute, we blame the person who is rather of a bad character or we have misconceptions about him. Negativity destroys relationships and families. It hurts feelings. It breaks trust. Talking about some physical disadvantages of negativity , it has also major part in causing diseases like hypertension, diabetes, liver problems or acidity. Negativity spreads itself in no measurable time and destroys everything that comes in it's way. Good happenings occurs after acquiring a lot of patience, hard work ,efforts and positive thinking. Positivity enhances better understanding in relationships. Positivity can make us feel about others. Positivity can lead us to road of success changing impossible to possible. Positivity is like the bright rays of sun enlightening every dark corner and removing all bad aspects. Positivity leads one close to nature. Positivity can open the way to success when all other doors seem to close. Along with positive thinking, one must work hard to achieve his goal just like the piece of bread can't reach our mouth if we don't use our hands to break it or pick it up from the plate to our mouth. Positivity can lead us to win people's heart and conquer the world. The world would be out of all disputes if everyone of us start to think positive. It can lead us to God's will. After that who would not be able to become successful ? In my opinion, by just developing the habit of positive thinking and working hard, we can cut out all the problems, disputes and hatred in society. 
power of positivity
power of positivity

Written by : Atrooba Raza

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Journey of Love to hate (with peoples)

“Journey of Love to hate (with peoples)”
“The same people who are candy (full of love) to our eyes can be poison (full of hate) to our hearts, Study their ingredients before feeding to your soul”

Whenever every one of us read the above lines he/she must remember some people in their hearts and I am sure they must lost themselves for some second on a special feeling and remember those disloyal persons who were once our love they were in the form of parents, brother, sister, friend or girlfriend/boyfriend.
But unhappily nothing remains same. Eye birth have a death every feelings have an end every love have hate (In the form of jealously).
When a baby born everyone love him/her when he/she grow up and start naughty things that everyone did change views of people about them, some love them and some hate. It’s like hate is the propped of love without both one look like an imaginary thing it is same as if we slosh rose then we must accept its thorn.
 With the passage of time people maybe fill with latest technology but one factor on them is mitigated and that is their relationships, and true relationship make with trust and loyalty but in this fastest era everything’s changes very fast even we have not a free time for proper hate, many of us hate someone when we see him/her in front of our eyes otherwise we have not enough time to do this hate factor correctly. Here I don’t appreciate you to hate someone with loyalty actually I want you to observe where we are going.
 Is this a real technology where no one is available to love us by heart?

Here I remember about the most beautiful country Switzerland a country with most beautiful mountains, home numerous lakes, beautiful villages and the high peaks of Alps. But in Switzerland Government allow people to suicide anytime anywhere, and mostly people in Switzerland diet through suicide the question arise in our minds why they suicide?
And the answer us:
People of Switzerland are so busy and don’t give time to everyone properly and lost ability to make true relationships and when we have no relationship. That make depression and that depression creates anxiety, and this is the main factor of mostly suicides.
Journey of Love to hate (with peoples)

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Its okay

Its okay.. Its okay to work. Its okay to remain busy. Its okay to give time to family. Its okay to feel happy. But remember the ones waiting for you for couple of days..  Just to see whether you are fine or not.. Just to know about your well being.. Just to get a smile on face because of your text message.. It kills when you make someone your first priority and they just don't bother ...because of any reason rather than working or job.. It hurts when you put out all strength but get nothing.. Empty hands letting all soil go away .. Couldn't have hold on .. On anything... But its okay .. I know I have to compromise .. Maybe I am not equally important to you as you are to me but its okay.. I know its life .. No one is perfect.. Its okay for every wish to not get fulfill... Its okay. Its all about Waiting..keeping patience..thanking God for what we have.. Considering best what we got..letting go all dreams that broke or not accomplished.. Sacrificing our happiness over life like others want us to live.. Its okay.. Or necessary .. In order to justify yourself in front of others... To be called "loyal".. but its not okay to be seek attention forcefully for a moment.. To comprise every single second.. To show yourself happy but you are not..Its not okay at any cost.. Its a burden.. Over life.. Its burden over one person.. A person who gives 100% should also get 100% back.. No one is really busy.. Its a game of priority.. Its all about giving importance.. Its all about listing things according to their level of importance in that list.. So, its not okay to understand everytime.. Its not necessary to comprise every time.. Its not good to let go every negative thing happening with you.. We should have believe on ourselves.. We should have faith in ourselves.. We should know that we are perfect.. We are good.. We are the right ones.. The " loyal " ones.. We shouldn't change ourselves for others.. There must be left some responsibility over others claiming to be ours.. They must be burdened.. They must comprise too.. They must understand.. They must consider us like we consider them and give them the first place in our list.
its ok
its ok?

Written by : Atrooba Raza

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Friday, November 9, 2018

Who is real God?

The most curious question in all our mind is who is God? Is God exists? Who is a real God? What is the best way to describe God?
The above question is always runs in our mind. I have listen from many people about the definition of God.
Some give us answer by reciting their Holly books and some says the the imagination of God does not exist as we have the example of Mr Hawking “He said God does not exist”.
Here I don’t want to point the every religion. I just want to share the definition of God my Ishfaq Ahmad (A Pakistani scholar and writer). Once in Zavia( His Short movie) he said I believe everyone who helps other is a type of God then a man said what you mean?
He elaborate this by his nice Example He said once in a very sunny day a courier man came in our house with parcel, courier man was lave with full of sweat, when he gave me parcel and moving back to his bike then my nice said Uncle please wait and she brings a glass of cold water and give that person by saying very sunny day On that time Ishfaq Sahib feels in actual this 09 year old girl is a type of God.
The aim of my blog is not to harm the feelings of anyone but really this example gave me a good lesson about God.


I know our actions must be matter somewhere in this universe because a person does not make anything who is wasteful for us then how someone make is wasteful, there  is always always always something to be thankful for the shipshapes.


Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Trending Hollywood Actors

The first motion photography or movie was marked in 1885 by George Eastman and his partner William H. Walker. From the start of 1900’s movies trend get fame and advancement were start by the passage of time. The trend of movies was increased on that time same as education trend increase nowadays.
Following are some actors who are trending with highest points all the time from 1900’s to now.


ROBERT PATTINSON a charming dashing attractive actor, due to his politeness many people like to following him he got his fame from his famous movie series “Twilight”. Due to his good looks and charming style he is the best actor in Hollywood.


Ben a brilliant actor and has been in Hollywood for a long time. When he was 8 year old he got his first debut in a movie name “The Dark End of the Street”. From that time he worked in many serials.
As his best acting in his movie bat man instead of his real name many people now him by the name batman.  

No. 8 Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe

A handsome hero born in 1989 in Fulham. Famous from his best movie all the time “Harry Potter”. If you say people about Daniel they look like confused but when you say hero of harry potter then they easily recognize him.



Matt Damon is one of the highest grossing actor of all the time. Except acting he also got an Oscar in screenwriting. His series of Jason Bourne got good business. He was born in 1970  in Cambridge. He made his first movie debut at the age of 18 with the role a single line  dialogue in the film Mystic Pizza.  



A man with full of passion consider to be the best actor in all the time.
Whenever we talk about silent movies then we miss only one man that is Charles. He prove to us that good tongue and good face is not necessary for fame.


A girl with beautiful acting, dressing and living style. When we talk about early age professional actresses then Emma is always on top because of her perfection.
Emma Charlotte Deere Watson was born in Paris, France, her parents both are lawyers. they moved to Oxford shire when she was five, where she attended the Dragon School. From the age of six, Emma knew that she wanted to be an actress and she start her debut in harry potter.

No. 4 Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Johnny is ranked as one of the world’s biggest film stars he was born in Owensboro on June 9, 1963. His got his  fame by the successful film series  the Pirates of the Caribbean, which have  grossed more than 3.2$ billion. In 2012 his name was written in Guinness world record as the highest paid actor with earning pf 76$ million.

No. 3 Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

He was born in Syracuse, NY on July 3, 1962. He is the most handsome man across the globe and one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, and known for his role in The Mission Impossible film series. Cruise debuted in films in 1981 at the age of 19 with a small role in the film Endless Love. He has won three Golden Globe Awards and three nominations to Academy Awards.


Downey was born in Manhattan, New York on April 4, 1965. His father was a writer, and also a director. He has always involved the most respected actors in Hollywood. His movie Iron man was in favorite list of many people around the world.


the rock

90% people know him by his nick name rock, he was born in Hayward, California on May 2, 1972. His father’s profession was wrestling and in early stage he was also a wrestler. Jahson was the football player in his college life. he got his debut in movie  The Scorpion King in 2002 he paid 5.5$ million and and the recorded earning as a debut person.



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