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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Why Cricket is worst

Hundreds of games are playing in all over the world and according to me if we talk about individuality the worst one is cricket here individuality mean dependency on a single person like if we eye on football then every single person is important from goal keeper to the front man player. but in cricket if an opener batsman have a luck then he play all overs alone and his other team member look like a non-living thing who have not any authority to do something and on the other hand if a bowler played well then he get all wickets in only two overs I know this happens in some matches but here my point is comparing cricket with other games if we compare then we observe this game is not good then any other game.
There are 195 countries in all over the world and out of 195 there are 125 countries where cricket are playing. Thousands of people waste their time by watching cricket even this is the only one game which is extended to 5 days (test matches). And a lot of people watched full match proudly.
And the worst thing is: In Asian countries cricket is now a platform for cricketers to move into politics, we have many examples is the form of prime ministers, ministers and many others. Now cricket is not seem like a game it look like a politics and a road from where cricketer get something extra from life.
There are many cricketer who invest their money in other countries and after the retirement they look like about those type of persons who join something to promote their business.


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