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Saturday, October 6, 2018

We become what we think about

As we see this sentence is absolutely true that we become what we think about, because our mind do those things which we had seen from childhood to adult age that’s the reason the child of a doctor want to become a doctor as his/her father or mother are, and on the other hand children of labor automatically become a labor. That’s the reason in east countries rich man get more rich and poor get poorer. This is all about our mindsets, In labor’s house not a single person encourage their children’s to get more education they thought primary Education is enough to get a government job so they become an employee of government but in least posts because their mind sets doesn’t grow up that is because of poor education, illiterate gathering and small visions.
To resolve these problems government must do something, because it’s enough.
we are living in the most powerful century where we start creating machines for lower works, Now we doesn’t want mans for lower work we want educated man who make machine to do those jobs but instead of creating that man we waste them by giving them illiteracy.
It’s enough at all we must do something for the rights of people whose lives are wasted by literate persons who don’t want that children’s of poor compete with their children.  


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