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Thursday, October 4, 2018

What is smile

“Smile” a beautiful word with hundred thousand of meanings in a single word according to me it is the only word which contain maximum emotions.

This is only the word, people live a life for this word. A husband wants his wife smile, a man want this from his family, a father want this from his sons/daughters, and a doctor want this from his patient a good Politian want it from people even the most precious God want it from us, but unfortunately we lost this word from our life’s, now a days our latest technology change this smile word to “Fake Smile”. Nowadays father have no enough time for his children’s but he give them that smile which doesn’t have a single meaning, a doctor shows he want smile but in reality he do this because he want customer not patient, in our new era everything we have we lost and the first and the major thing is our smile our real smile. People are busy to make good and efficient machines but why they don’t thought machine doesn’t give us smile they does not give us smile, now we don’t want efficiency we don’t want perfection, we want love we want a teacher in the form of human being who guide us with a good and real smile. Here I end up my opinion by saying this beautiful quote “Just because a single person is smiling mean their life is perfect, that smile is a symbol of hope and strength of that person”.


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