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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Our Desire

Desire are the most common factor this run from the birth of this universe to the death of this universe and everything including on it want this, that is living thing or nonliving thing that’s the reason everything grows very fast. I had listen from many people that our ancestors have less desires then today’s generation. Maybe those people are right but I think desire is the key factor of today’s innovation and continuously upgradation.
Desire is not only about sex or vulgar things it is about many more other thing if we look at our surrounding then we observe many changes celebrant and we are witness of them.
If you have a 19s century birth then you must had seen the upgradation of cellphone, television and many things that are connected with technology the key factor behind all of this is our desires that upgrade our mind and want more and more.
If we talk about the example of this century then KFC is the best example.
Colonel Sanders owner of KFC start his work by selling fried chicken from his road side restaurant in Corbin. After strong struggle he gets idea of KFC and in the beginning he failed many times but his desires help him to do this and the age of 60 he done his job.
From his story I found not only hardworking is enough to succeed we must want to apply the additional factor on it and that is our desires. Many people work hard but their vision are only to live a life not to build a good one. So if we talk about any successful person then we must will see this factor first. because desire is the first key to run in the ground of success same as in counting we must count 1 to start the counting.
Desire look like a weapon its our choice that how we utilize it there are 90 percent people who use this weapon in wrong way actually they use desire to pleased their present not future and I think it’s good for those who use this in right way because for the right person no competitor ahead in this difficult shifting your vibration to manifest your desires
 and at the end I think Muslims Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) right said Connoted “if you control your desire then you control anyone and anything”.

our desire
Our Desire

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