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Monday, October 15, 2018

Not everyone is for you

From birth to death a lot of people interact with us they are in the form of parents,   relatives, friends, children’s and a lot of stake holders but when we eye on our entire life then we realize not everyone was important for us. But all the time we tried gave them our priority and in the end only few count who make our life beautiful. Sorry to say but sometimes our parents are also not stand in the favor of our life. I realize about this when I see some those children’s who show off in the behalf of their parents here I remembered one of my college friend Asif once he behaved very badly with our math teacher and teacher feel embarrassed when he did that so teacher shouted get out from my class and never came again so Asif left the class and his last words was “I see you tomorrow with my parents and its open threat for you”. we were  freeze when we listen those words.

             Then Asif left the class. After end of the class when we all were going to our houses I listen the voice of Asif mother in parking stand she said Asif why you don’t slapped that idiot teacher. By listening those words from his mother I realize sometimes our parents also doomed our life’s by giving us this type of cheap tracks. So come to the point not every person is good for our life’s some came and move some came and live in our hearts some give us a good company and some give us their disaster life so avoid those Asif’s from our life’s, avoid every single person who give as that track which lead us toward the bad tomorrow I rapp up my talk by saying this famous quote "Not everyone is meant to be in your future some people are just passing through to teach you lessons in lifes


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