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Friday, October 5, 2018

Face in the Mirror

Whenever any old person who live anywhere in the world, in the city, in the street of anywhere whenever he will see himself in the mirror, he will stopped his all emotions after seeing in the mirror and deeply think, what my life is about, why I came in this world, why my hairs move black to white, why some putt their relatives in the grave and some burn them away, why I did many jobs why I had eat my favorite recipes and drink juices. Why I went to the job daily why I prefer my children’s then others, why I want my family happy. Why I stood in front of the mirror when I was 10 and now after many decades why I again stand in front of mirror.
Is it life? Or it was? Or it will?
And after this all questioning he must looked his eyes which are watered by tears because these eyes watch evolution, changes and increments in every field of life but nothing is complete everything have flaws and everything is waiting for upgradation except human, but we have no time to analyze that we have nothing not even a single piece of cloth we are empty, we will empty.   



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