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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Life and death

Life is the sweetest poison and death is the saddest reality. According to me both of these two are significant as every individual have to taste the flavor of the death. We always opt death as associated with negativity, grief and sorrow and although to some extend it is but, it’s not the whole reality. As far as our life is considered that’s the amalgam of good and bad events and experiences. Life  which we are living is more fearful then the death as we are experiencing all kinds of things whether it is good or  bad but we are experiencing this. Our mindset is like we relate good events and happiness with life, and believed that our life is a kind of fantasy world where everything is happy and fine, but it’s not the reality. One should think outside the box and suffer all his sufferings with a smile on his face and being optimistic. It is not for a death but this should be practiced for the rest of the sufferings and problems. Death is reality and our journey starts from birth till death, and all the period in between these two is life. So one should live his life with full of enthusiasm and eager. On going process of learning from each and every individual of this world will leads to a better life. When there comes death of that person he should not  have any kind of regrets that he did not live his life good or missed any of his dream. Live your life as when your death appears there should be sign of completion and smile on ones face.

Written by “Summan Saleem

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  1. Beautifully written...Its truly amazing..Keep writing these type of posts..

  2. This is what i actually want to read❤ keep it up 👌👌

  3. keep progressing and keep writing this type of stuff for the nourishment of soul and mind .

  4. Well said thnku for embrassing us with ur thought keep up the gud work 😍

  5. Congratulations dear for ur first step 🤗it's really an epic peice 👌👍

  6. Keep it up a blog giving great thing to survive with the happy life if we read it carefully 👍


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