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Saturday, October 13, 2018


“Don’t Loss Hope”
Hope a word with a lot of encouragement and motivation. Because this word changes many life’s and it is still working and I think this will be working till the day of judgement and after that too ( Because we want hope from Almighty Allah to go to the heaven).
Here I remember that day when Nelson Mandela was in jail and his/her supporter thought that he didn’t came back now, but in every hearts there is a hope that he will came back and as we know he was the most famous and very decorative Prime Minister of his country. Hope changes everything even something it goes to a very good and flat mode but sometimes our hope distract our roads in actual that was not an hope but as people thought hope is that who changes our mind but according to me hope is that we give as wings to fly who give as light to brighten who give as shape to fix in a good conditions. Hope is every that thing who change us positively.
Hope is  the blessing which exist only in humans, so utilize it in a good way because we never know what tomorrow will bring for us maybe a thing which is better for us the most.


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