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Sunday, October 14, 2018


Happiness is an inner quality. According to me "happiness is the state of mind”. Everything that happens in our daily life, some of them becomes the purpose of our happiness. It’s all depends upon us that which thing we choose for our happiness. Happiness is not a feeling it's just a state of mind. Sometimes we found that it completely depends upon money. For example we becomes happy when we buy a beautiful dress, shoes or any food item. On the other hand, happiness never comes to true by money. We becomes happy when we play with kids. We becomes happy when we spent time with older (grandmother).We becomes happy when unexpected things happens in our life. We becomes happy when we spent time with our loved ones. Happiness comes to true by numerous ways but we choose some specific method where our minds get satisfaction.
At the end I closed my views by again saying this Happiness is just a state of Mind.


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