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Saturday, October 20, 2018


FRIENDSHIP is the most important relation among all relationships. It’s strange for others but according to me, another name of peace and happiness is FRIENDSHIP. It doesn't matters whether our friend is male or female if we have true feelings about friendship. It doesn't matters from which class (society)he/she belongs or what kind of his/her dressing. Only one thing that counts in this precious relationship is how much we understand each other.
It is famous quote “ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL QUALITIES OF THE TRUE FRIENDSHIP IS TO UNDERSTAND AND TO BE UNDERSTOOD”. It’s just like one Mind in two bodies. Sometimes some people comes in my life those are so different from me but don't know how they becomes my true friends. I share almost my all personals with my friend. This relationship makes me smile. Most of my favorite memories of my life is due to FRIENDSHIP. My life becomes beautiful due to my true friend. Someone says “A sweet friendship refreshes the soul”. When a true and loyal friendship comes in our life, life becomes beautiful. I feel beautiful colors of life due to this precious relationship. It’s one of the most wonderful blessing of Allah Almighty. I closed up my views by saying this"7 letters that makes us are FRIENDSHIP."A true friend is the best best possession.

Written by: "Alia Rehman"


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