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Sunday, October 14, 2018


” an emotion that is directly connected with our heart. Out of 100 there are 99 percent emotion when mind also react on that. But when we talk about feelings then our concern move to the one part of our body that is heart. It’s not only a fact or a fiction but also science tell us that feelings play a vital role in our lives. Feelings is the key of our action vs reaction, love vs hate, peace vs fight, happiness vs loneliness and life vs death.
Here I remember the quote of a famous man that “no one in this world is perfect a person is loved by someone very much and that same person have haters too this is all about our thoughts and feelings which describes a person character in our heart.”
Once Imran khan a Pakistani former cricketer share his life experience about feelings that is: “He said once when I go to the pitch for playing as an opener in a test match that match is played Pakistan vs India so when I entered the ground crowd were cheering on me “lion of Pakistan” and when I bowled in very first bowl then  same crowd abusing me and very next day when I bowled 5 batsman’s then crowd again cheering “lion of Pakistan” that is all about our feelings that make our thoughts”
And our feelings depends on our mood, I think to tackle feelings is an art and every single person of this universe must try to tackle that art wisely.


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