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Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Commonly we use Family a word with joy. A word with a lot of feelings and we also say that this is the only word who wanted every person in this world. Family is always not only those who have same DNA as yours. Family is that which exist everywhere.
A single person have a lot of families  for a car repairer his carriage friends are his family his regular customers are his family his neighbors who give him change(money change) is his family for a teacher his student is his family for a doctor his patient is also a family it is hilarious but for a police officer his prisoners are also a family I have seen many cases where prisoners pray to death in jail because they have nothing left outside the jail his prisoner friends and police staff knit be his family.
Family is that who have a priority in our minds family is that who are remaining when no one left because family is like a spot of our roof.
I have seen many people who use to cry that they have no family because they  thought family mean father, mother, brother and sister but they forget are already live in a family. Maybe this family love him more than he thought his family did.
But its all about our mindset people only want those things which they have not allowed to access and forget about those who are precious then they thought.
 Due to the advancement we all  are very busy in our works and does not give a proper time in our families but if we give the same respect to our offices and where we work then a chain will be created and our love automatically transform from person to person and at the end reach our own homes. If we see a girl in trouble and help her like a true brother than our daughters and mothers also receive many brothers who help them with respectful manners because its Gods policy “you get what you planted”       


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