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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Yesterday she texted me are you angry on me? I did something wrong? (Actually we are friends now) On that movement I was blushing and different I does not describe my feeling in reply was compulsory so my reply was: “once I was your priority I was your first thing to remember in morning I was the last thing you remember in night I was that you said you are the only person I want  to remember in every movement of my life and now you says why I am angry actually or you did something wrong”

I was not upset about our relationship I was upset that she didn’t even know what happened to me.
I was shocked where that girl gone who know me more than myself. It was fraud or her love for a while or something else what was that?
Is love only remains when we are in relationship? Is our heart are same as bluethooth when its connection failed then people also failed to connect with each other.
Now a days relationship is look like a merit list of college that changes every time and a person want extra and extra but in the end nothing left to get because no one is perfect except that creature who create us.
Mayne I am wrong because sometimes I also have seen many people who really loves each other but unfortunately they are few and the most lucky persons in the world because they don’t want perfection they want only that person who they love and those person who did this job properly their name will live forever we have a lot of examples in the form of robin Juliet, Napoleon Josephine, Heer Ranja, Tristan Isolde and many more…
Ops come to the point her reply was a crying emoji only.
My ex


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