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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Education Trends

Trend play a vital role in this very fast growing world everything happens according to the latest trend of that current centaury. And I think it's good, trend give us the awareness of continuously upgradation. But when we talk about education here I want to elaborate the modern definition of trend about education. 
Commonly we choose profession by two ways, 99 percent people of the world choose their profession according to the current trend if trend is about to doctor then they move to become a doctor and same in all other professions from a decade BSCS (Bachelor of Computer science) trend run very fast and many combination degrees came to the roads of education.
There are 422 total professions exist in this whole world but our focus is on the latest trend and forgetting the care about perfection of that work which we do or will do and forget the most important thing that is mind satisfaction. 
That the reason only 89 professions are available in mostly countries especially in Asian countries.
 More than 150 universities available is every country but not in a single university help the student to tell about the right profession they only want fees and they thought their duty is to give degree.
When a student got his/her college degree and get an admission in a university he/she did three oppresses on his/her self. How?
First when that field he/she choose is not hi/her actual field then his/her entire life is fill with full of pain, and his/hermind would always be disturbed.
Second oppress they do with that area where they provide their services for example if a teacher does not know how to teach then his/her services are useless for society.
And the third oppress is making a whole department corrupt(its also called bad credibility ) here I don’t want to talk about those department but in those department only few are good but when we talk about entire department then we only listen bad even worst words about those departments.
I had seen many families  who forced their children’s to did the trend-able things but now in future their child even don’t have a job due to their lack of interest in that field.
I rap up my talk by only saying "people make scope not scope make people".



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