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Friday, October 5, 2018

Change way not people

I have seen many people who fight for their opinions even sometimes two best friends brock up because of the opinion about political parties. I think in this era people don’t have the stamina to control their emotions, they did every work fast even love or hate. A boy love a girl on Monday very must and hate her on Tuesday and when we talk about his emotions he says my love is only true or my hate is only true in this universe.
We change our minds in a seconds, even we change our favorite flavor in a second, we change our relations immediately. Even we change our ways in a single piece of minute.
But why we do this? Why we are moving so fast why we give and want options why we doesn’t try to resolve our problem by cold mind?
Where are we going?
In actual nowhere, because good things want time and our mind cold. Because its natural rule every good thing happens after a long time for example a tree grow up in many years, and when tree grow up properly he give us all his life but we want everything we don’t care about perfection we want only results not process, Unfortunately.


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