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Saturday, October 13, 2018


“Beauty is not depend on the face beauty is a light in the heart of us”. 
But we move in different direction we move to that direction where no destination exist but we are continuously moving. And that destination ends only that time when we will no more in this world of real beauty.
I have seen many people who have craze to chase the beauty but when they grab them on that movement they seen the disasters ugliness which is hiding behind and everyone show their fronted that’s the reason people fall in love by only small conversations and their love change into hate when they know the reality.
We all want only good and beautiful things in our life boyfriend wants his girlfriend beautiful by face and heart don’t care about his own appearance and same in girlfriend case she wants a beautiful tall and handsome boy, a father wants a flawless son and daughter, teacher want only bright students, boss wants successful and  hardworking team. We all focus on beauty and in the end we get everything opposite because its life and life is a mixture of everything life, death, beauty, ugliness, love, hate.


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