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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Our Desire

Desire are the most common factor this run from the birth of this universe to the death of this universe and everything including on it want this, that is living thing or nonliving thing that’s the reason everything grows very fast. I had listen from many people that our ancestors have less desires then today’s generation. Maybe those people are right but I think desire is the key factor of today’s innovation and continuously upgradation.
Desire is not only about sex or vulgar things it is about many more other thing if we look at our surrounding then we observe many changes celebrant and we are witness of them.
If you have a 19s century birth then you must had seen the upgradation of cellphone, television and many things that are connected with technology the key factor behind all of this is our desires that upgrade our mind and want more and more.
If we talk about the example of this century then KFC is the best example.
Colonel Sanders owner of KFC start his work by selling fried chicken from his road side restaurant in Corbin. After strong struggle he gets idea of KFC and in the beginning he failed many times but his desires help him to do this and the age of 60 he done his job.
From his story I found not only hardworking is enough to succeed we must want to apply the additional factor on it and that is our desires. Many people work hard but their vision are only to live a life not to build a good one. So if we talk about any successful person then we must will see this factor first. because desire is the first key to run in the ground of success same as in counting we must count 1 to start the counting.
Desire look like a weapon its our choice that how we utilize it there are 90 percent people who use this weapon in wrong way actually they use desire to pleased their present not future and I think it’s good for those who use this in right way because for the right person no competitor ahead in this difficult shifting your vibration to manifest your desires
 and at the end I think Muslims Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) right said Connoted “if you control your desire then you control anyone and anything”.

our desire
Our Desire

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Why Cricket is worst

Hundreds of games are playing in all over the world and according to me if we talk about individuality the worst one is cricket here individuality mean dependency on a single person like if we eye on football then every single person is important from goal keeper to the front man player. but in cricket if an opener batsman have a luck then he play all overs alone and his other team member look like a non-living thing who have not any authority to do something and on the other hand if a bowler played well then he get all wickets in only two overs I know this happens in some matches but here my point is comparing cricket with other games if we compare then we observe this game is not good then any other game.
There are 195 countries in all over the world and out of 195 there are 125 countries where cricket are playing. Thousands of people waste their time by watching cricket even this is the only one game which is extended to 5 days (test matches). And a lot of people watched full match proudly.
And the worst thing is: In Asian countries cricket is now a platform for cricketers to move into politics, we have many examples is the form of prime ministers, ministers and many others. Now cricket is not seem like a game it look like a politics and a road from where cricketer get something extra from life.
There are many cricketer who invest their money in other countries and after the retirement they look like about those type of persons who join something to promote their business.


Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Commonly we use Family a word with joy. A word with a lot of feelings and we also say that this is the only word who wanted every person in this world. Family is always not only those who have same DNA as yours. Family is that which exist everywhere.
A single person have a lot of families  for a car repairer his carriage friends are his family his regular customers are his family his neighbors who give him change(money change) is his family for a teacher his student is his family for a doctor his patient is also a family it is hilarious but for a police officer his prisoners are also a family I have seen many cases where prisoners pray to death in jail because they have nothing left outside the jail his prisoner friends and police staff knit be his family.
Family is that who have a priority in our minds family is that who are remaining when no one left because family is like a spot of our roof.
I have seen many people who use to cry that they have no family because they  thought family mean father, mother, brother and sister but they forget are already live in a family. Maybe this family love him more than he thought his family did.
But its all about our mindset people only want those things which they have not allowed to access and forget about those who are precious then they thought.
 Due to the advancement we all  are very busy in our works and does not give a proper time in our families but if we give the same respect to our offices and where we work then a chain will be created and our love automatically transform from person to person and at the end reach our own homes. If we see a girl in trouble and help her like a true brother than our daughters and mothers also receive many brothers who help them with respectful manners because its Gods policy “you get what you planted”       


Sunday, October 21, 2018


Expectations develops in a wide range. Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them. “IT IS THE ROOT OF ALL HEARTACHE”. My personal views are more expectations more pains and no expectations no pains. In any relationship, great expectations can lead to great limitations. When we drop expectations and then we will bring goodwill and love in their place.
Due to expectations, mostly I don't even know what's going on. It can lead to disappointment and tensions when my expectations aren't being met. I hurt too much when my expectations are not fulfilled especially from that person with whom I am too much attach. I expect to be treated with kindness, respect and love. When my expectations aren't comes to true I felt anxiety, shame, insult, sadness and also anger. I wants to cry.
Finally, I think never never expect anything from anyone especially with whom we are too much attached. Because expectations, when not fulfilled, gives us pain.
When we get something without expecting it, it gives us pleasure.
So, closing this topic by saying this “Keep DOING YOUR PART, NEVER EXPECT ANYTHING from OTHERS and LEAVE the REST to ALLAH ALMIGHTY."

Written by"Alia Rehman"


Saturday, October 20, 2018


FRIENDSHIP is the most important relation among all relationships. It’s strange for others but according to me, another name of peace and happiness is FRIENDSHIP. It doesn't matters whether our friend is male or female if we have true feelings about friendship. It doesn't matters from which class (society)he/she belongs or what kind of his/her dressing. Only one thing that counts in this precious relationship is how much we understand each other.
It is famous quote “ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL QUALITIES OF THE TRUE FRIENDSHIP IS TO UNDERSTAND AND TO BE UNDERSTOOD”. It’s just like one Mind in two bodies. Sometimes some people comes in my life those are so different from me but don't know how they becomes my true friends. I share almost my all personals with my friend. This relationship makes me smile. Most of my favorite memories of my life is due to FRIENDSHIP. My life becomes beautiful due to my true friend. Someone says “A sweet friendship refreshes the soul”. When a true and loyal friendship comes in our life, life becomes beautiful. I feel beautiful colors of life due to this precious relationship. It’s one of the most wonderful blessing of Allah Almighty. I closed up my views by saying this"7 letters that makes us are FRIENDSHIP."A true friend is the best best possession.

Written by: "Alia Rehman"


Thursday, October 18, 2018

Education Trends

Trend play a vital role in this very fast growing world everything happens according to the latest trend of that current centaury. And I think it's good, trend give us the awareness of continuously upgradation. But when we talk about education here I want to elaborate the modern definition of trend about education. 
Commonly we choose profession by two ways, 99 percent people of the world choose their profession according to the current trend if trend is about to doctor then they move to become a doctor and same in all other professions from a decade BSCS (Bachelor of Computer science) trend run very fast and many combination degrees came to the roads of education.
There are 422 total professions exist in this whole world but our focus is on the latest trend and forgetting the care about perfection of that work which we do or will do and forget the most important thing that is mind satisfaction. 
That the reason only 89 professions are available in mostly countries especially in Asian countries.
 More than 150 universities available is every country but not in a single university help the student to tell about the right profession they only want fees and they thought their duty is to give degree.
When a student got his/her college degree and get an admission in a university he/she did three oppresses on his/her self. How?
First when that field he/she choose is not hi/her actual field then his/her entire life is fill with full of pain, and his/hermind would always be disturbed.
Second oppress they do with that area where they provide their services for example if a teacher does not know how to teach then his/her services are useless for society.
And the third oppress is making a whole department corrupt(its also called bad credibility ) here I don’t want to talk about those department but in those department only few are good but when we talk about entire department then we only listen bad even worst words about those departments.
I had seen many families  who forced their children’s to did the trend-able things but now in future their child even don’t have a job due to their lack of interest in that field.
I rap up my talk by only saying "people make scope not scope make people".



Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Yesterday she texted me are you angry on me? I did something wrong? (Actually we are friends now) On that movement I was blushing and different I does not describe my feeling in reply was compulsory so my reply was: “once I was your priority I was your first thing to remember in morning I was the last thing you remember in night I was that you said you are the only person I want  to remember in every movement of my life and now you says why I am angry actually or you did something wrong”

I was not upset about our relationship I was upset that she didn’t even know what happened to me.
I was shocked where that girl gone who know me more than myself. It was fraud or her love for a while or something else what was that?
Is love only remains when we are in relationship? Is our heart are same as bluethooth when its connection failed then people also failed to connect with each other.
Now a days relationship is look like a merit list of college that changes every time and a person want extra and extra but in the end nothing left to get because no one is perfect except that creature who create us.
Mayne I am wrong because sometimes I also have seen many people who really loves each other but unfortunately they are few and the most lucky persons in the world because they don’t want perfection they want only that person who they love and those person who did this job properly their name will live forever we have a lot of examples in the form of robin Juliet, Napoleon Josephine, Heer Ranja, Tristan Isolde and many more…
Ops come to the point her reply was a crying emoji only.
My ex


Monday, October 15, 2018

Not everyone is for you

From birth to death a lot of people interact with us they are in the form of parents,   relatives, friends, children’s and a lot of stake holders but when we eye on our entire life then we realize not everyone was important for us. But all the time we tried gave them our priority and in the end only few count who make our life beautiful. Sorry to say but sometimes our parents are also not stand in the favor of our life. I realize about this when I see some those children’s who show off in the behalf of their parents here I remembered one of my college friend Asif once he behaved very badly with our math teacher and teacher feel embarrassed when he did that so teacher shouted get out from my class and never came again so Asif left the class and his last words was “I see you tomorrow with my parents and its open threat for you”. we were  freeze when we listen those words.

             Then Asif left the class. After end of the class when we all were going to our houses I listen the voice of Asif mother in parking stand she said Asif why you don’t slapped that idiot teacher. By listening those words from his mother I realize sometimes our parents also doomed our life’s by giving us this type of cheap tracks. So come to the point not every person is good for our life’s some came and move some came and live in our hearts some give us a good company and some give us their disaster life so avoid those Asif’s from our life’s, avoid every single person who give as that track which lead us toward the bad tomorrow I rapp up my talk by saying this famous quote "Not everyone is meant to be in your future some people are just passing through to teach you lessons in lifes


Sunday, October 14, 2018


” an emotion that is directly connected with our heart. Out of 100 there are 99 percent emotion when mind also react on that. But when we talk about feelings then our concern move to the one part of our body that is heart. It’s not only a fact or a fiction but also science tell us that feelings play a vital role in our lives. Feelings is the key of our action vs reaction, love vs hate, peace vs fight, happiness vs loneliness and life vs death.
Here I remember the quote of a famous man that “no one in this world is perfect a person is loved by someone very much and that same person have haters too this is all about our thoughts and feelings which describes a person character in our heart.”
Once Imran khan a Pakistani former cricketer share his life experience about feelings that is: “He said once when I go to the pitch for playing as an opener in a test match that match is played Pakistan vs India so when I entered the ground crowd were cheering on me “lion of Pakistan” and when I bowled in very first bowl then  same crowd abusing me and very next day when I bowled 5 batsman’s then crowd again cheering “lion of Pakistan” that is all about our feelings that make our thoughts”
And our feelings depends on our mood, I think to tackle feelings is an art and every single person of this universe must try to tackle that art wisely.



Happiness is an inner quality. According to me "happiness is the state of mind”. Everything that happens in our daily life, some of them becomes the purpose of our happiness. It’s all depends upon us that which thing we choose for our happiness. Happiness is not a feeling it's just a state of mind. Sometimes we found that it completely depends upon money. For example we becomes happy when we buy a beautiful dress, shoes or any food item. On the other hand, happiness never comes to true by money. We becomes happy when we play with kids. We becomes happy when we spent time with older (grandmother).We becomes happy when unexpected things happens in our life. We becomes happy when we spent time with our loved ones. Happiness comes to true by numerous ways but we choose some specific method where our minds get satisfaction.
At the end I closed my views by again saying this Happiness is just a state of Mind.


Saturday, October 13, 2018


“Don’t Loss Hope”
Hope a word with a lot of encouragement and motivation. Because this word changes many life’s and it is still working and I think this will be working till the day of judgement and after that too ( Because we want hope from Almighty Allah to go to the heaven).
Here I remember that day when Nelson Mandela was in jail and his/her supporter thought that he didn’t came back now, but in every hearts there is a hope that he will came back and as we know he was the most famous and very decorative Prime Minister of his country. Hope changes everything even something it goes to a very good and flat mode but sometimes our hope distract our roads in actual that was not an hope but as people thought hope is that who changes our mind but according to me hope is that we give as wings to fly who give as light to brighten who give as shape to fix in a good conditions. Hope is every that thing who change us positively.
Hope is  the blessing which exist only in humans, so utilize it in a good way because we never know what tomorrow will bring for us maybe a thing which is better for us the most.



“Beauty is not depend on the face beauty is a light in the heart of us”. 
But we move in different direction we move to that direction where no destination exist but we are continuously moving. And that destination ends only that time when we will no more in this world of real beauty.
I have seen many people who have craze to chase the beauty but when they grab them on that movement they seen the disasters ugliness which is hiding behind and everyone show their fronted that’s the reason people fall in love by only small conversations and their love change into hate when they know the reality.
We all want only good and beautiful things in our life boyfriend wants his girlfriend beautiful by face and heart don’t care about his own appearance and same in girlfriend case she wants a beautiful tall and handsome boy, a father wants a flawless son and daughter, teacher want only bright students, boss wants successful and  hardworking team. We all focus on beauty and in the end we get everything opposite because its life and life is a mixture of everything life, death, beauty, ugliness, love, hate.


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Life and death

Life is the sweetest poison and death is the saddest reality. According to me both of these two are significant as every individual have to taste the flavor of the death. We always opt death as associated with negativity, grief and sorrow and although to some extend it is but, it’s not the whole reality. As far as our life is considered that’s the amalgam of good and bad events and experiences. Life  which we are living is more fearful then the death as we are experiencing all kinds of things whether it is good or  bad but we are experiencing this. Our mindset is like we relate good events and happiness with life, and believed that our life is a kind of fantasy world where everything is happy and fine, but it’s not the reality. One should think outside the box and suffer all his sufferings with a smile on his face and being optimistic. It is not for a death but this should be practiced for the rest of the sufferings and problems. Death is reality and our journey starts from birth till death, and all the period in between these two is life. So one should live his life with full of enthusiasm and eager. On going process of learning from each and every individual of this world will leads to a better life. When there comes death of that person he should not  have any kind of regrets that he did not live his life good or missed any of his dream. Live your life as when your death appears there should be sign of completion and smile on ones face.

Written by “Summan Saleem

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Saturday, October 6, 2018

We become what we think about

As we see this sentence is absolutely true that we become what we think about, because our mind do those things which we had seen from childhood to adult age that’s the reason the child of a doctor want to become a doctor as his/her father or mother are, and on the other hand children of labor automatically become a labor. That’s the reason in east countries rich man get more rich and poor get poorer. This is all about our mindsets, In labor’s house not a single person encourage their children’s to get more education they thought primary Education is enough to get a government job so they become an employee of government but in least posts because their mind sets doesn’t grow up that is because of poor education, illiterate gathering and small visions.
To resolve these problems government must do something, because it’s enough.
we are living in the most powerful century where we start creating machines for lower works, Now we doesn’t want mans for lower work we want educated man who make machine to do those jobs but instead of creating that man we waste them by giving them illiteracy.
It’s enough at all we must do something for the rights of people whose lives are wasted by literate persons who don’t want that children’s of poor compete with their children.  


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